Manuel Lettenbichler

Hey my name is Manuel Lettenbichler, I´m 25 years old out of Southern Germany. I grew up with riding dirtbikes in a small town in the mountains on the border to Austria. My dad Andreas Lettenbichler gave me my first bike when I was 5 years old and since than I never stopped.

​I started with trials as a kid and I got pretty good right away. A lot of motivation, work and passion about it brought me 3 german nationals junior titels. But with an age of 15 I realized I wanna step into the food steps of my dad and change to Extreme Enduro, where my career as an Athlete began.

​With races like Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, where I became the youngest finisher (16YO) in history, I put my name into the sport. In 2018 I stepped up my game and have been fighting for wins and podiums all Season long, 3rd at Red Bull Erzbergrodeo and 2nd at Red Bull Romaniacs for example. Since then I became one of the top contender in the Sport. In 2019 we have finished on the top of the World and I became World Champion and American Hard Enduro Champion.

​But at the end I´m just a guy who loves what he is doing and enjoying every single day. I would see myself not as an Enduro rider more like an Action Sport Athlete who is trying to inspire people not only on a moto bike although on a MTB or on Skis for example.

Biggest Achievements


2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Champion

  • The perfect season – 6 out of 6 race wins
  • Back to back Red Bull Erzbergrodeo win
  • Winning the Red Bull Romaniacs the fourth time
  • FIM Hard Enduro World Champion (back to back)

2022 FIM Hard Enduro World Champion

  • 1st at Red Bull Erzbergrodeo
  • Winning 5 out of 8 races in the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship
  • FIM Hard Enduro World Champion

2021 Podium at every single FIM Hard Enduro World Championship

  • 1st at Red Bull Romaniacs (back to back again)
  • 1st at Getzenrodeo (back to back again)
  • 2nd overall FIM Hard Enduro World Championship

2020 winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs (back to back)

WESS 2019 and other Races: WESS Enduro World Champion 2019

  • 3rd at Extreme Lagares
  • 2nd at Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble
  • 1st at Red Bull Romaniacs (youngest winner in history and 10 years after his dad won it)
  • 1st at Tennesee Knockout
  • American Hard Enduro Champion
  • 1st at Getzenrodeo
  • WESS Enduro World Champion 2019

WESS 2018 Season Highlights: 2nd overall World Enduro Super Series

  • 3rd at Extreme XLagares
  • 3rd at Erzbergrodeo, Red Bull Hare Scramble
  • 2nd at Red Bull Romaniacs
2016 Super Enduro World Champion Junior Class
​2014 youngest finisher of all times at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo


2009, 2012, 2013 German Trials Champion – Junior Class​

Active between the age of 5 to 15

Social Media

170,000 follower
(February 2024)
200,000 subscriber
(February 2024)

Red Bull

Video Projects in

  • 2017: New Kid on the log
  • 2019: Nuts and Boltons
  • 2021: Hard Lines

more to come..

Vlog Life

  • Vlogging for Red Bull TV and different sponsors showing some behind the scenes at the races and my life
  • Weber Werke #werkeholics channel Manuel Lettenbichler

For more details please contact me!

Other Sports

My two other biggest passions are for sure Skiing and Mountain Biking where I spend a lot of time with it off the bike. I like to mix it up as good as possible, because I think this is it what makes the difference between a guy who is only focusing on one thing and someone who wants to become an Allrounder for the sports community!!!!!!!!